My Word for the Year

10915275_10153434204984186_195542918205334883_nMy friend Melissa and I were chatting one day while waiting for our caroling gig to begin.  She was talking to me about the body acceptance movement.

Have you heard of it?  It’s about accepting your body as it is.  Ok, that’s oversimplified, but this blog is not about that anyway.  Google it.

What she was saying is that she’s tired of waiting to get skinny for her life to begin – that accepting her body is key to enjoying and living her life now.

Right on.

I thought about how I do that, too.  I think I’ll be happier or will be able to do this or that if I do this or that first – definitely if I get skinnier is one of those things.  Then, I started to think about it and I have a whole list of things, and that list got pretty long.

This is the non-exhaustive list I came up with – the list of things I was waiting to happen for life to start:

Waiting to get thin

Waiting to get out of debt

Waiting for my children to grow out of the needy years

Waiting for my children to start school

Waiting until I have time

Waiting until I have enough money

Waiting until I have the perfect idea for that blog

Waiting until I’m a better writer

Waiting until I have a consistent, daily quiet time

Waiting until I have a Master’s Degree in something

Wait, I’m sure there are more…

Then there is the terribly unhealthy perspective of “Why make a fuss down here if heaven is waiting for me?”

I hide behind that sometimes.  Confession.

In fact, I had a mini-panic moment on Sunday morning when I was reading an article that presented a somewhat believable argument that Jesus was talking in metaphors when he was talking about eternity and that eternity just meant that our life needed to mean something significant to pass to the next generations…to which I thought to myself “Oh, no.  I need to start doing something!”

For someone who gets down and out about how little faith she has, I realized right then that I really did believe in Heaven…but that I also let that belief keep me from living my life on earth in the here and now.

So, in my department at work, many people choose a Word of the Year.  Quite frankly, I was inspired to choose one because my friend Chris was making pretty word images for those who chose one.  I know, shallow.

So my word for the year is “Live”.  That’s with a short “i” and not the long one.  I’m not talking about yogurt or TV specials. (Insert gripe about the English language).

This year I will live.

Live to be generous

Live to be free

Live to sing

Live to write

Live to take risks

Live to be vulnerable

Live to follow Jesus

Live abundantly

Live to speak up

Live to love and enjoy my children

Live to love and enjoy my husband

Just.  Live.

Waiting will always have its place in things for which I have no control.

But to live life, I will wait no more.