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Michelle Blanco was originally born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Kissimmee, FL, and now lives in Orlando, FL with her wonderful husband, JT and the cutest kids in the world - Joshua and Mercedes. Michelle has served as a missionary both overseas and domestic, but also was a singer/actor at a local theme park and loves talking theology, music, and movies. Oh, and she loves to act silly.

Humanization – the key to intelligent and compassionate discourse

  I still remember the first time I read about this concept. I was reading a book by Justo Gonzalez titled Santa Biblia: The Bible through Hispanic Eyes. As I was reading, I remember thinking “Oh my God. I do … Continue reading

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I am no better…

I don’t think it’s a secret that I feel quite strongly on the subject of being ethnically and culturally reconciled to one another. At work, I co-lead a group that talks about racism. Sometimes when we are in discussion, someone … Continue reading

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My Word for the Year

My friend Melissa and I were chatting one day while waiting for our caroling gig to begin.  She was talking to me about the body acceptance movement. Have you heard of it?  It’s about accepting your body as it is.  Ok, that’s oversimplified, … Continue reading

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Jesus wept.

This post is dedicated to the memory of my Aunt Maria Rodriguez (Titi Meri) who, 4 years ago today, went to be with the One who wiped away her tears, while we wait for Him to wipe ours, too.  Also, … Continue reading

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Black History Month: What’s there to remember, to celebrate, and to learn?

The year 2013 may have caught me off-guard with the number of headlines involving matters of race. A white food network celebrity tries to plan a “plantation style” Southern wedding with Black servers acting as slaves.  An Hispanic white Florida … Continue reading

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“Is religion the only reason for your morality?”

This question recently showed up on the feed of one of my Facebook friends. I love delving into these kinds of questions because they make me think deeper than what might be on the surface. My answer to the question … Continue reading

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Challenge for the New Year: Be about what I’m “for”

What do I mean? I struggle with pride.  It’s not just my struggle.  It’s the battle raging in all of humanity since that first bite of that one fruit on that one forbidden tree. This ongoing battle causes me to … Continue reading

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